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Feb 20, 2016

0 Many Shell Codes Here ( Page - 1 )

Archived Shellcode for various Operating Systems and Architectures

Date D Title Platform Author
2016-02-01 x86_64 Linux shell_reverse_tcp with Password - Polymorphic Version v2 lin_x86-64 Sathish kumar
2016-02-01 Linux x86 Download & Execute Shellcode lin_x86 B3mB4m
2016-02-01 x86_64 Linux Polymorphic Execve-Stack - 47 bytes lin_x86-64 Sathish kumar
2016-01-29 x86_64 Linux shell_reverse_tcp with Password - Polymorphic Version lin_x86-64 Sathish kumar
2016-01-27 Linux x86/x86_64 reverse_tcp Shellcode linux B3mB4m
2016-01-27 Linux x86/x86_64 tcp_bind Shellcode linux B3mB4m
2016-01-27 Linux x86/x86_64 Read etc/passwd Shellcode linux B3mB4m
2016-01-25 x86_64 Linux xor/not/div Encoded execve Shellcode lin_x86-64 Sathish kumar
2016-01-08 x86_64 Linux Egghunter - 18 bytes lin_x86-64 Sathish kumar
2016-01-08 Linux x86 - Egg-hunter (13 bytes) lin_x86 Dennis 'dhn' H.
2016-01-06 TCP Reverse Shell with Password Prompt - 151 bytes lin_x86-64 Sathish kumar
2016-01-04 Linux/x86 execve "/bin/sh" - shellcode 24 byte lin_x86 Dennis 'dhn' H.
2016-01-02 x86_64 Linux bind TCP port shellcode lin_x86-64 Scorpion_
2016-01-02 TCP Bindshell with Password Prompt - 162 bytes linux Sathish kumar
2016-01-01 x64 Linux Bind TCP Port Shellcode lin_x86-64 Scorpion_
2015-12-13 Windows XP-10 - Null-Free WinExec Shellcode (Python) generator B3mB4m
2015-11-25 Linux x86_64 Polymorphic execve Shellcode - 31 bytes lin_x86-64 d4sh&r
2015-11-16 x64 Linux egghunter in 24 bytes lin_x86-64 d4sh&r
2015-10-15 Linux x86_64 Bindshell with Password (92 bytes) lin_x86-64 d4sh&r
2015-09-18 Linux x86_64 execve Shellcode - 22 bytes lin_x86-64 d4sh&r

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