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Sep 12, 2015

1 Learn Sql injection (MCA first book) || official pdf book

hello friends
today i m giving you a free ebook in which you can learn basics of every kind of sql injection
this book covers all the topic related to sql injection. The language of the book is very easy and in written in very interesting way.It very easy to understand the all topics
this book covers
  1. Union base Sql injection
  2. Error base Sql inejection
  3. blind Sql injection
  4. Time base injection
  5. shell upload via Sql injection
  6. Double Query (Error Base Blind) SQL Injection
  7. Dump Entire Database in 1 Request (DIOS)
  8. Boolean Base Blind SQL Injection
and many more interesting thing.
Ebook link :: Download

Thanks To MCA


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