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Sep 7, 2015

0 dork SQL for GOV

dork SQL for GOV

Here is many dork for gov site -

inurl:index.php?id= site:*gov.pl
inurl:index.php?id= site:*gov
inurl:news.php?id= site:*gov.af
inurl:oferta.php?id= site:*gov.af
inurl:trainers.php?id= site:*gov.pl
inurl:article.php?ID= site:*gov.uk
inurl:play_old.php?id= site:*gov.au
inurl:declaration_more.php?decl_id= site:*gov.in
inurl:Pageid= site:*gov
inurl:pagina.php?left= site:*.gov.au
inurl:layout.php?id=120'= site:*gov.pl
inurl:principal.php?id=123'= site:*gov.uk
inurl:standard.php?base_dir= site:*gov
inurl:home.php?where= site:*gov.pl
inurl:page.php?sivu= site:*.pl
inurl:*inc*.php?adresa= site:*gov
inurl:padrao.php?str= site:*gov
inurl:include.php?my= site:*.gov.af
inurl:show.php?home= site:*gov.br
inurl:index.php?lid=20= site:*gov.au
inurl:principal.php?id=30= site:*gov
inurl:file.php?id=205= site:*gov.au
inurl:info.php?id=25155= site:*gov.af
inurl:enter.php?id=203= site:*gov.uk
inurl:general.php?id=50= site:*gov
inurl:principal.php?id=705= site:*gov.za
inurl:standard.php?id=303= site:*.gov.ie
nurl:nota.php?v= site:*gov.bc.ca
inurl:home.php?str= site:*ed.gov
inurl:press.php?panel= site:*gov.mu
inurl:page.php?mod= site:*gov.il
inurl:default.php?param= site:*gov
inurl:down*.php?texto= site:*go.af
inurl:mod*.php?dir= site:*gov.ie
inurl:view.php?where= site:*gov.za
inurl:blank.php?subject= site:*gov.br
inurl:path.php?play= site:*gov.uk
inurl:base.php?l= site:*gov.au

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