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Apr 9, 2015

0 How To Write a Absolute HTML based Web Page

Now,i want to end the lesson about HTML...if u have master it,there is only a little left in the HTML field and if u have master it,u can write your own deface page and your own lovely web pages...
i will teach u about Php in next week.."i mean not teaching just sharing"

<a href=........html>(the name that u wish to describe)</a>  ==that links multiple webpages

 <li>.......</li> means show as the list but u must use it with <ul>....</ul>

for example like that,

<ul type="disc">
<li> One </li>
<li> One </li>
<li> TWO </li>
<li> THREE </li>
<li> Two </li>
<li> One </li>
<li> TWO </li>
<li> THREE </li>
<li> Three </li>
<li> ONE </li>
<li> TWO </li>
<li> THREE </li>

if u want to add images which are not the background of page just use "<img src="image Link" and u can use extended command such as width="__%"
height="__" align="left or right or center">

for example,<img src="http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTDldWRRDqwkGvotUKuVrmz1CHzqtW7ntTcaazeFMF6yTjRGSzs0w" width="30%" height="50%" align="left">

use <pre> to detect space bar and other special characters.....

And For Text Formatting Way,
use <b>.....</b> for bold
<i>...</i> for italic
<u>...</u> for underline
<strike>...</strike> for strike through
<sub>....</sub> for subscript  e.g H20...so for e.g type H <sub>2</sub> O
<sup>....</sup> for superscript ...it is for  X square....e.g x<sup>2</sup>
<big>....</big>for bigger font and replace small for smaller font

And We can Use Special Characters too...but they have to be written with codes..
the codes are the same as typing codes...i mean ..for example  &#034; for "  
if u type Alt+034 in pagemaker or libre,the out will be as shown as "..

if u use char code,just use like that    &#038;
but if u use charcode, the photo will help u

Latest to tell is...don't forget to close with </....>
Good Luck..Don't Spend Your Money on Course ...i will attend for u and re-teach u..because as for me it will not cost..:P


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