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Mar 23, 2015

0 Tutorial Deface Jdownloads Upload Shell Vulnerability


Holla ^ _ ^
meet again with me: D heheh,
Okay ~ This time I will Discusses How to Bypass Shell in JDownloads )

Previous I'm Thankful at Mr.DellatioNx196 - / \ - (sungkem disek mas)
Okay Jump Gasss ~ How to upload Same ))

Powered by jDownloads


So now the question How to Upload Shell in JDownloads? :))
Easy ~ Just Need to Change Shell you become Format shell.php.php.j
  After the upload as usual )
Later After Ter-Upload to Server The file will Changed Format Become Magiccc shell.php.j wkwkw: v

Shell Access? As Usual ~

Happens Will like this )

After that diapain ))?
It's up brother was borne Sin wkwk you yh

Special Thank's: Mr.DellatioNx196, MexicanHackers,   PooI aka Chai   Hit Gir'l, Beef shank ~ _ ^ 


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