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Mar 8, 2015

0 Sqlninja 0.2.6 Download

 >> Fingerprint of the remote SQL Server (version, user performing the queries, user privileges, xp_cmdshell availability, DB authentication mode)
>>  Bruteforce of 'sa' password (in 2 flavors: dictionary-based and incremental).
>> Creation of a custom xp_cmdshell if the original one has been removed
>> Upload of netcat (or any other executable) using only normal HTTP requests (no FTP/TFTP needed).
>> TCP/UDP portscan from the target SQL Server to the attacking machine, in order
to find a port that is allowed by the firewall of the target network
and use it for a reverse shell.
>> Direct and reverse bindshell, both TCP and UDP
>> ICMP-tunneled shell, when no TCP/UDP ports are available for a direct/reverse
shell but the DB can ping your box.
>> DNS-tunneled pseudo-shell, when no TCP/UDP ports are available for
 a direct/reverse shell, but the DB server can resolve external hostnames
 (check the documentation for details about how this works).
>> Evasion techniques to confuse a few IDS/IPS/WAF.
>> Integration with Metasploit3, to obtain a graphical access to the remote DB
 server through a VNC server injection.

The following versions are available:


The alpha of the new release, with all the newest cool stuff! Data extraction via WAITFOR and DNS tunnel, plus vbscript-based upload! Download it and find some bugs :)


The stable version. It lacks the data extraction module, but it has been tested a lot more extensively

SVN snapshot

This is the hemorrhaging edge version! It supports Powershell stagers with metasploit. It is a work-in-progress, not 100% documented, and likely to have several bugs, so not for the faint hearted. Come on, give it a try, show chicks how brave you are, and report some bugs!

To download the latest snapshot, use the following command:
$ svn co svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/sqlninja/code/ sqlninja-devel
If your AV complains, it is because the Churrasco executable in the tarball is recognized as a virus. So nothing to worry about.


In order to use sqlninja, the following Perl modules need to be present:
  • NetPacket
  • Net-Pcap
  • Net-DNS
  • Net-RawIP
  • DBI
You will also need the Metasploit Framework 3 on your box to use the metasploit attack mode, and also a VNC client if you use the VNC payload.
You also need a brain. Not strictly a Perl module, but it helps.


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