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Mar 23, 2015

2 Botnet အေၾကာင္းတေစ့တေစာင္း

Botnet အေၾကာင္းေတြ ေလ့လာစ ညီကုိေတြအတြက္ကေတာ့ ဒီစာအုပ္ေလးက တန္ဖုိး မနည္းဘူး လုိ ့ဆုိရေလာက္ပါေပတယ္။ လုိခ်င္တဲ့သူမ်ားအ ေထြအထူးေျပာစရာလုိမယ္မထင္ပါဘူး။ ေဒါင္းေလာ့ရယူနုိင္ပါျပီ။ ကြ်န္ေတာ္လည္း ခုတေလာ XSS Attacking အေၾကာင္း စာအုပ္ေလးလုပ္ေနတာ ျပီးပါေတာ့မယ္။ ေလာေလာဆယ္ေတာ့ ခုစာအုပ္ေလး ဘဲအရင္ေဒါင္းေလာ့ရယူျပီးေလ့လာ ထားၾကပါခင္ဗ်ာ...

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Unknown said...

Dear Admin
i would like to learn how to be real Hacker but i dont have any basic knowledge about it, so that can you teach me or tell me how to start from where.I want to learn from the begining.

MBH said...

Hi! If you are from myanmar country you can learn about of hacking here.If not you can change lenguage in translate to read(to learn) ,but not for 100% . And you learn from hacking forum. Hacking forum site is 100% good for learning for hacking knowledge. Thanks for you visit to Myanmar Black Hacking .

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