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Feb 15, 2015

0 World Fastest MD5 cracker BarsWF For Window

World Fastest MD5 cracker BarsWF ကေတာ့ ပတ္စ္ဝါးေတြကို hash ျဖည္ဖို ့အေတာ္အသံုးဝင္တဲ့ tool အမ်ိဳးအစားပါ 

UPDATE: I've decided to cease development of BarsWF, sources are available under MIT license.

Ok, we have a nice name for the program, so I will have to spend some time to make it work as it is named. Right now on nVidia 9600GT/C2D 3Ghz CUDA version does 350 M keys/sec, SSE2 version does 108 M keys/sec. You may check benchmarks of all known good MD5 bruteforcers here. You may discuss it at forum

System Requirements:

  • CUDA version only:nVidia GeForce 8xxx and up, at least 256mb of video memory.
  • LATEST nVidia-driver with CUDA support.Standard drivers might be a bit older (as CUDA 2.0 is still beta)

  • AMD/Brook version only: ATi/AMD card 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx
  • 8.12 video driver

  • CPU with SSE2 support (P4, Core2Duo, Athlon64, Sempron64, Phenom).
  • Recommended 64-bit OS (WinXP 64 or Vista64). 32-bit version is also available.

Download 0.8 version

AMD BROOK Beta 0.9:
BarsWF Brook x64
BarsWF Brook x32

BarsWF CUDA x64
BarsWF CUDA x32

BarsWF SSE x64
BarsWF SSE x32


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