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Feb 12, 2015

0 How to upload shell in Joomla

Here is my next tutorial about shell uploading to Joomla site. I will show you the easiest way you :D
So, you need to admin access Joomla site. After login to Joomla site, go to Site>Global Configuration

In Global Configuration, just go to System and find media setting in site.

In Media Settings, just remove all  extensions like bmp, jpg etc in Legal Extensions Files and put php file only and in Restricted Upload just change yes to no just like below.
Now we go back Site>Media Manager and you will see Upload option to upload file. Upload your shell file like WSO or as you like just like below.

After uploading your shell file, you will see Upload Complete. OK, it's time to call shell url again.
www.target.com/images/yourshellname.php Shell uploading comple.


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